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Restoring historical keyboard instruments was always one of the most important tasks of the workshop J.C. NEUPERT. Our clients include private collectors as well as museums.

J.C. Neupert

In restoring instruments entrusted to it, the workshop of J. C. NEUPERT has acquired a skillbase through:

  • a more than 150-year tradition of acquiring experience through restoration, reports, and estimates
  • setting up and caring for about 300 historical keyboard instruments, which are now conserved in Nuremberg („Klavierhistorische Sammlung Neupert“, Germanisches Nationalmuseum)
  • an established team of excellent skilled workers and the necessary special tools and facilities for a restoration workshop
  • a particular sensitivity for the special requirements of handling with historical instruments

Our clients include private collectors as well as museums.

Manufacture of historical keyboard instruments
Biegenhofstraße 9
D-96103 Hallstadt bei Bamberg 

Phone +49 / (0)951 / 40 60 70
Fax +49 / (0)951 / 40 60 720

E-Mail: info@jc-neupert.de