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NEUPERT harpsichord Bach

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double manual harpsichord

keyboard compass: 5 1/6 octaves (F1 - g3)

lower manual: 81', 16', lute to 16'

upper manual: 4', 82', lute to 82'

5 pedals, 2 hand-stops (for lutes)
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Sales price without tax 43.193 €
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The NEUPERT „Bach“ harpsichord combines different and exciting aspects of the harpsichord‘s renaissance in the 20th century.

At the time of the conception of this instrument during the 1930s NEUPERT had two points of reference. Firstly, the so called „Bach-Harpsichord“ (no. 316 of the Berlin museum), which was presumed originally to have been in the possession of J.S. Bach (and which was, according to our present knowledge, at least in the vicinity of J.S. Bach). Secondly, NEUPERT‘s design of the „Bach“ harpsichord in terms of the construction, acoustics, and basic touch was chosen in accordance with the spirit of the period.

During the following decades the development of the NEUPERT „Bach“ harpsichord was continued to maintain pace with the newly-gained knowledge of historical harpsichord building. Today you may encounter a NEUPERT „Bach“ harpsichord as a successful instrument in the concert halls of all continents.

However if one prefers to play on a harpsichord made strictly following original period instruments you will find as an alternative „copies“ in the NEUPERT range. However, let us remember that the NEUPERT „Bach“ harpsichord has gained its own „authenticity“ owing to a big number of important 20th-century compositions dedicated to this type of harpsichord.

Technical details:

  • keyboard compass: F1 - g3 (5 1/6 octaves)
  • naturals ebony, sharps covered by ivory-like plastic
  • lower manual: 81‘, 16‘, lute to 16‘
  • upper manual: 4‘, 82‘, lute to 82
  • manual coupler
  • 5 pedals, 2 hand-stops (for lutes)
  • length 260 cm (8‘7“), width 109 cm (3‘5“), net weight 170 kg

Additional equipment:

  • benches and covers matching the instrument
  • lid painting
  • motto on the inside of the lid


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